Our well-managed team of qualified experts provide a wide range of highly professional construction services along with technological support and installation of steel structures consisting of high-quality alloys and metals.

The scope of Netaman Steel Constructions covers all construction works including:

Marine sector

  • shipbuilding, as well as modification, modernization and re-equipment of the vessel in order to change its functionality, including lengthening or shortening of a vessel hull;
  • ship hulls manufacturing and their elements production: hubs, sections, blocks of sections, frames, visors, stems and sterns, steering frames, propeller shafts, hawks, screw-propellers;
  • watertight bulkheads for ensuring vessel’s hull safety, durability and practicality;
  • building of steel tween decks;
  • reliable davits for vessels;
  • hatch cover repairs and adjustment, building of new hatch covers;
  • watertight passenger doors;
  • various types of sluice gates building and lock-gate details manufacturing;
  • equipment for vessel mooring and floating devices;
  • production and installation of the railroad track for vessel self-loading and unloading to ensure its safe transportation onshore;
  • shaft repair and manufacturing by welding overlay (including work with tail shafts and rudders up to 8500 mm, ∅ 950 mm and weight 6000 kg).

Offshore structures

  • safe and hermetic pipelines, supports and latches for pipes;
  • mobile platforms for lifts, stable offshore fixed platforms;
  • decks, beams, frames, details of underwater structures;
  • elements of the offshore platform towers and wind turbines;
  • elements of bridge cranes;
  • tank containers (or tanktainers) for the transportation of liquid chemical and grocery cargoes.

Steel structures for nuclear and power plants manufacturing

Surface protection and design for steel constructions

  • we offer unique for the Baltic See countries service of painting with wear-resistant, epoxy coating (with inert fillers) of the vessel’s surface pre-treated with shot blasting;
  • effective shotblasting cleaning from corrosion, old paint, scale and other contaminants;
  • painting of any complexity (e. g. «Marine Line»), original and special coatings applying, custom-made painting works referring to the specifications given by the customer and in accordance with international standards.

Hydraulic works

Assembly, installation and repair of hydraulic equipment: hydraulic cylinders and their components, hydraulic pumping stations, hydraulic lifting cranes (crane beams), valve equipment, hydraulic traverses and so on.

Mechanical machining of the steel

  • all milling operations performance by means of the outstanding machine park, equipped with CNC machines;
  • all kinds of turning works: turning, boring, countersinking, drilling, etc.;
  • plasma cutting works with metal thickness up to 250 mm.
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